Be there and be yourself. Start your new life and listen to your inner voice. Your mind longs to be in a healthy shell. Postponing decisions is like a messy room. “Detox your body” means “detox your mind”. The RawManiac team knows the fight against the inner “I’ll do it tomorrow or I’ll do it later” we accompany and help you. No matter how difficult the decision is. What matters is that you finally do something! Finally start !!


Attending group coaching can be helpful in managing detoxification. There are special groups for participants and relatives.

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Everything in balance, sometimes everything is easy for us and we are just in balance. But sometimes we run the risk of losing touch with ourselves. A few minutes are enough to get back into balance. our 20 day challange will help you. Book now

1:1 Consultation

Today’s lifestyle such as: stress, little exercise and sunlight, industrially manufactured products and our modern diet of fully processed finished products mess up the balance in the body. However, this balance is crucial when it comes to our health. 4-8 weeks Consulting

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Increase your health index and get more strength and faster recovery with our help


Your body will react more easily to stressful situations in the future. you have more strength and stamina for your children and work


With a healthy diet, your body recovers faster after exertion and you get faster results

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So far, losing weight has been easy for me thanks to the many delicious recipes that are easy and quick to prepare 🙂
I am very satisfied, our intolerances are gone for 6 weeks like a miracle, stomach pain, full heartburn, intestinal problems have resolved. I particularly liked the suggestions in the coaching sessions on how we can prepare tasty food together with the children so that they taste good.
Estoy muy satisfecho con el trabajo, a pesar de que tuve dificultades con el idioma debido al español. Mis hijos están mucho mejor ahora y ahora sé cómo puedo ayudarlos.

These are questions of our customers.

These are questions of our customers.

You will start first all gradually all industrially manufactured products, wheat “bread, noodles”, animal products, to exchange alcohol against delicious vitalizing products

There are thousands of ways to come to the destination, the best you will discuss with a consultant, after which you realize it, you quickly realize an improvement

The best diet is one tastes! No matter which you will hit with us the tastings.

Calories include, you do not have to do that but you can create a table. It is not important to be important,

Sodburn is a sign that you can not tolerate food and your body needs a break. Treat your body a break. You get that.

Both fasting and a syringe cure are effective methods for detoxifying. Detoxify both methods. For beginners, a juice cure is more advantageous.

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