Customer proposal: faq’s. You should know that bankruptcy isn’t your only option if you’re in a difficult financial situation.

If you’re in a hard financial predicament, you must know that bankruptcy is not your sole option. One alternative is a consumer proposition (also referred to as a proposal to creditors).

With a proposition, you’ll:

How will you understand whether a customer proposition could be the solution that is best for you personally? Get file evaluated by a counsellor in economic data recovery. You’ll just just take an in-depth glance at finances, in order to determine from the course that is best of action.

A couple of handy definitions

Reading about personal funds, you may run into terms that seem significantly complicated. Below are a few widely used terms, with a reason to assist you better realize.


Your property and money. As an example:

Fulfilling of creditors

Your creditors may ask with this form of conference. There will simply be a gathering of creditors if you have a demand by creditors whom hold at the very least 25 % for the total of one’s debts.

Credit history

A grade fond of you by a credit bureau (Equifaxor TransUnion). This score will be based upon different requirements. But essentially, the higher you are in payment, the greater your ranking will be.


The institution or person your debt cash to.

Secured and debt that is unsecured

A secured financial obligation provides your creditor the ability to seize the asset in the event that you stop making re re payments. For instance, you a loan can seize your car if you can no longer make your car loan payments, the New York car and title loans bank that gave.

Credit card debt refers to all or any debt that will not include security. As an example, bank cards, individual personal lines of credit, signature loans, etc. with this particular sort of debt, the creditor won’t have the ability to seize your assets even although you don’t make payments.

Surplus earnings

It’s your household’s income that exceedsa particular restriction set by the federal federal government.

Is really a customer proposition the thing that is same a proposition to creditors?

Yes, it is the same task. The name that is official customer proposal.

Is filing a consumer proposition much like declaring bankruptcy?

A customer proposition is an answer that is widely used as an option to bankruptcy. It includes advantages that are several. a customer proposition lets you:

This is how a proposal varies from bankruptcy:

By having a consumer proposition, you make exactly the same payment that is monthly the length of the proposition. The amount you pay monthly changes depending on your income with a bankruptcy. You have to be in contact with your trustee to allow them understand how much you’re making through the duration of your bankruptcy, which means your monthly obligations can be adjusted.

All your assets are protected with a consumer proposal. Whenever you claim bankruptcy, you have to quit a number of your premises.

With a customer proposition, it’s possible to help keep your income tax refunds for the calendar during which you file your proposal year. But in the event that you seek bankruptcy relief, you may lose these refunds.

In most instances, your counsellor will evaluate your circumstances which help you select what’s perfect for you. a customer proposition is simply one choice. There are various other alternatives to bankruptcy:

Can I lose my house if I file a customer proposition?

No, your household can’t be repossessed so long as you will be making your mortgage repayments.

Can I lose my vehicle?

No, your car or truck can’t be repossessed so long as you’re making re payments.

Can I lose my RRSP and my retirement?

No, your retirement cost cost savings are protected. Before dipping into your RRSP or other your retirement funds, see if filing a customer proposal suits you.

Can my wages be garnished if we file a customer proposal?

No, you will be protected against legal actions. No-one can garnish your wages. The only exception is in the event that you owe support-payment arrears to an ex-spouse.

Will my creditors keep calling me?

No, your counsellor shall just take fee of one’s file right away. They will certainly then function as the only point of contact together with your creditors. You can forget harassing telephone calls.

Can it stop seizures currently underway?

Yes, filing a customer proposition offers you protection that is legal seizures. All seizures and proceedings that are legal be stopped. You can find just two exceptions:

Do we nevertheless need certainly to spend kid support and alimony?

Yes, you will definitely nevertheless need to spend youngster support and alimony.

If my ex-spouse files a customer proposition, can I nevertheless get my youngster alimony and support re payments?

Yes, you certainly will continue steadily to get any young kid help or alimony owed to you personally. The customer proposition will not excuse missed payments.

What are the results if I’ve co-signed a loan?

The one who co-signed to you will need to assume duty for spending the entirety regarding the financial obligation.

Will my spouse be affected? Or my children?

In the event your debts come in your title just, the buyer proposition will perhaps maybe not affect your better half. Nevertheless, then your spouse will be responsible for them if you have any joint debts. In terms of your children, no. Your household allowance may not be seized.

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