Are you already alive or are you still eating?

Recipes that can be effectively integrated into everyday life to have the maximum fun in life. Maximize lifetime and joy. With our courses you will learn effective detoxification in everyday life to be integrated alone or with children and in everyday life with the family.

healthy & delicious recipe ideas for your everyday life

Vital variety, easy and quick preparation. Delicious freshness and colorful, vegan, alkaline and gluten-free

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Group Coaching

Attending group coaching can be helpful in managing detoxification. There are special groups for participants and relatives.

20 Day Challenge

Everything in balance, sometimes everything is easy for us and we are just in balance. But sometimes we run the risk of losing touch with ourselves. A few minutes are enough to get back into balance. our 20 day challange will help you. Book now

1:1 Consultation

Today’s lifestyle such as: stress, little exercise and sunlight, industrially manufactured products and our modern diet of fully processed finished products mess up the balance in the body. However, this balance is crucial when it comes to our health. 4-8 weeks Consulting

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Which products are basic and which are acid-forming. Get my ebook and be up to date. With extra recipes to start immediately.



nutrition for you

Same, same but different. Every body and every lifestyle has different requirements. With us you will receive and advise the right people.

cashew & granola

Wir haben eine super leckere und simple selbstgemachte Kokos Granola mit Haferflocken, Kokosflocken, Chia Samen und feinem Ahornsirup für dich vorbereitet. Dazu passend eine selbstgemachte Cashew Yoghurt aus 2 Zutaten die du blitzschnell vorbereiten kannst. Als Topping frischer Apfel, Pekanuss, Bananen und Rohkost Kakao Bohnen. Guten Frühstückshunger!

What My clients are saying

Designer​ are very polite. Many of the products have tried and are ready to prompt and recommend to customers. The staff shows that they completely share the philosophy of proper nutrition, if you can say so.
Masha Doe